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Is anyone here laptop-savvy?

Mine is dying and I need a new one. (and I am poor and should not be spending my money on a computer, but what am I to do?)

I will be running either Linux or Windows7 on it.
I type a lot, so it needs to have a good keyboard.
I travel a lot and like to type in the train, so it needs to be somewhat lightweight.
Lots of USB is a bonus.

Aside from that I work with arduinos, processing, want to start some C programming. run the odd neural network simulation in either java or Lisp

Ideally I want a hackable laptop with some I/O pins ... :-D ... and a touchscreen.
Some internal USB might be awesome too, so I can give it additional RF connectivity.

I considered turning a raspberry pi into my new laptop, but somehow that does not seem Ideal.

Anyway. Any recommendations? Any interesting Laptop mods you know of?

I was thinking either HP Folio, HP Envy as I read good things about them. Asus zenbook is also an option, but simply becouse I like the brand. In generall I am quite underwhelmed with all of the available options. The Ultrabooks are not especially hackable though... and the Envy just seems like an Apple rip off...


Any ideas?


buy what you want, most laptops are about the same in their levels of power (ie its unfair to compare a i7 mobile workstation to a netbook)

if your worried about typing I would hit some physical stores and try out the keyboards for yourself, see what you like best


I like the HP brand too, but it's a very expensive one! Look at the Dell, I've bought one and it's very nice! I'm dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu and with Windows the battery can reach 5-6 hours in wi-fi
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I have worked with Dell, HP and Toshiba. I was on the road doing field service and they got bounced around from van to factory to hotel and the Dells held up the best. For some reason the Toshibas ate hard drives. Get back in off the road and start up the laptop and 2 hours later it doesn't work. Happened twice.

I like the small Dells. Don't take up much space and seem to hold up. If you are doin heavy programming you might want to look for a laptop with an older 4:3 display rather than the 16:9 display. If your biggest use for the laptop is looking at videos the 16:9 is okay, but I prefer a display that has more resolution in the vertical for writing and programming.


I'm actually facing the exact same thing... still programming and browsing on a dell inspiron 2200, going on 7 years old! I definitely like the ultrabooks... looking mostly at the toshiba z835 because of the full-pin VGA connector that all the others lack. If I'm going to use a 13" screen I want to be able to hook up to a bigger one easily! One major complaint about the toshiba is the flimsy screen though. I'm always super careful with my possessions, so it shouldn't be a problem for me. ;) Go to the nearest Best Buy and poke at the ultrabooks they've got there! you can get a pretty good feel for them there.
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