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I wish i were a subject!

Maybe you are indeed a subject?



AWOL, you're wrong. At least, I strongly suspect you're wrong.

As far as I can tell, a British subject is one who isn't from UK[, etc] or a commonwealth country but under British control, such as British India pre 1949.


I think you're right.
Although born a subject (and still have an old  stating this), I find am now merely a citizen.
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it seems that women in US rather look for type of dress, like 'evening dress' and then drill down other attributes.

That would match my wife and daughter's behavior, I think.

Is it possibly the case that shops in US are so well stocked, that they have all the sizes, all the time?

Actual stores divide things into large sections: "teen", "petite", "normal", "plus sizes."  Online you find whole stores specializing in particular size ranges, but in general the process seems to be "find a dress you like and then curse because it doesn't come in your size."   Are there actually UK stores that sort FIRST by size?


36-38-36 if is the same here is the size of the shirt, size of pants and size of shoes, or maybe size of shirt, size of bra, size of pants...


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Just remember that half of the people you know are above the average weight.

uuh no there not...
(not joking just being serius)


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Well I would more likely perform a search for shoes rather then dresses (just a personal thing!).

Lets see, would I start a search on size 12 shoes or would I start with a shoe type? definitely I would search on baseball cleats first rather then size 12 shoes.  8-)



It's probably Obama's fault.

Well I think it was a problem long before obama...


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