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I am following this tutorial: http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/LiquidCrystal, written fairly recently about using a 595 shift register to communicate with the LCD instead of connecting it directly thus saving more  input/output pins. The tutorial includes its own modified version of the LCD library but when I try to compile the sample code on the tutorial with the LCD library updated, I get a compiling error.

Also, can some one confirm if the schematics are correct? I was looking at another tutorial using the 595 and there was a capacitor from a pin to ground, but this one doesn't.


The only place there should be a capacitor is from the Vcc pin to ground.
Any schematic with a cap on any othe pin is incorrect.
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Take a look here:

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it is fixed I uploaded an updated library that works with Arduino 1.0 and older ones, in the previous one I was using Arduino 22, but please let me know if you find anymore problems.

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