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Well, it ain't broke, but...

I tried your latest suggestion [after GLL COMPLETED] early on and got no satellites.
Did you use total_satellites or num_sats_copied?  You should have used total_satellites for updating the display.  num_sats_copied gets reset to 0 in preparation for the next interval -- it is only useful for building the safe array, not for updating the view.

write to the TFT display... takes ~2.5 seconds
Dang, are you drawing 1 million pixels?

Sometimes you have to get a bigger hammer.  :)



Now that it's working, I'm reluctant to mess with it anymore.  I suspect that some of my success is due to some inadvertently lucky timing (when I retrieve data w/r to when NeoGPS is parsing) that's unique to my system.

RE pixels: I'm writing to a 320x480 TFT LCD display (Adafruit), over an SPI bus, which uses serial data transfer.  The 8 MHz Arduino Pro Mini is very slow, not able to write to the display and keep up with the gps's one-second update rate.  That's why I went to a Teensy 3.2 - it's just loafing along and well able to handle everything in time -- and it's ready and waiting for the next gps sentence string to occur.

I'll run it for a week or so, to see that it's stable -- and not just some lucky hacked fluke.


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