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I hit AT and it sends back OK before I can add the plus and baud rate.

Try sending the entire string "AT+BAUD7" at once. Use another program to send the serial if you have to.

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thanks that was it I needed to paste it in at once. knew it was something simple



I also have one of these modules, and it seems to work fine at the default 9600 baud rate, but I haven't been able to find the answer to one question: When does the baud rate actually change? Does it change the baud rate in command mode, or is command mode always operating at 9600 baud no matter what the setting?

I plan to experiment tomorrow to find out for sure, but thought someone might already know the answer.

(Mine has the "Linvor1.5" HC-06 firmware BTW).


When does the baud rate actually change?

My experiments seem to indicate the baud rate changes real soon after it returns the OKBAUDxxxx message, and once the baud rate has changed, that is the baud rate it talks in both command mode and when connected to a bluetooth master. (So if you get a used one, you might have to try every baud rate to find out what it is set to).


Yes, you're right. You can also change the name of the module in command mode but not much else.

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