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I got a book out for using the Arduino to control a kiln. I have used it extensively for powder coating but I originally set it up for metal heat treating. I have also used it to heat up cast iron prior to welding and heating up press fit parts.

Could be used for glass art and many other things. The circuit itself could also be used for EGT measurements in gas engines.



Interesting subject but I'm not sure the business part works for hard-copy.

$31.33 total for lowest-cost shipping outside USA.  3-5 days to print, plus 17 days to deliver. 

I think you'd make more money with a soft-copy online version.  You can get ripped off either way if someone wants to take the time..

And no previews???  Not building confidence in a purchase.

(Not just complaining: I DID order the book)...
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Thank You Terry,

I just got the book online so I am still sorting out things like previews. I really thought about an online version. This book was written so that someone with little or no experience could take off with such a project. Something in me really likes a book which you can bookmark, write in, highlight, etc.

We'll see where I go from here.

Thanks for the input!

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