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Using a cheap postal scale ($15) and a instrumental amplifier, You can make a nice digital scale / load cell for automating other processes. Improvements welcomed!

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Thanks a lot I might end up actually copying your work, but I'm currently working with a single strain gauge on a stainless steel 30cm ruler trying to build a scale, my in-amp is ad620an.
When I wire it all up all I see on the serial monitor is gibberish :(
I know I'm not offering much clues but I will keep track if you have any question to debug my problem.


I would prefer the INA series of OpAmp.
You might have to use the average of many samples. Normal scales are not very fast when displaying changes, I assume they also use some kind of average.


Check the High-precision 24-Bit AD module 1-differential ADC TM7709 Compatible 5V 3.3V
on ebay for a few $.
24 bit resolution ADC uses pin 11,12,13 on the uno for communication.
comes with small smd board that can be breadboarded or can be put in  small space.

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When I wire it all up all I see on the serial monitor is gibberish :(

@Fido: The gibberish isn't caused by incorrect Serial speed, is it?

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