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I have developed many features with my famous phi_prompt user interface library. These features are too specific to be turned into library function calls but I have a well-documented set of examples for lots of these features that will open your eyes.

These feature code and some professional consultation will be offered under "Arduino User Interface Professional development kit for phi_prompt" together with a PC emulation engine that you can emulate arduino and tweak on a PC with debugger and use your keyboard to operate the emulated code and copy paste to arduino to load to arduino when you are finally satisfied. It saves you tons of time for waiting for uploads and saves your hair from pulled off when debugging with arduino IDE.

Here is a video, take a look at these eye candies features:



So you got the emulator working then.

I have no immediate use for this but love what you are doing with it.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com



Yes, my emulation is doing fine. I have emulated quite a few things on PC:


Below are some pictures of emulated results on PC, much easier to catch bugs and compile takes a second or two, no upload!


Great work. What does "Professional" mean in this context? Will it be available for the community for free?



Great work. What does "Professional" mean in this context? Will it be available for the community for free?


The entire library is free. The professional development kit is a collection of sample code of cleaver use of the free library to do dynamic stuff that only someone with decent programming background can understand, so is the procedure to make my emulation work. Like you mentioned the other day, you can't support someone since your library can't help the very beginning programmers. If I post these codes I will get newbies attracted by the advanced features trying to run them and can't make the complex modification and I will be in a bad spot trying to help them fruitlessly. You can not make programming easy for everyone on every complex task. I will publish only small portion of these code at the time and offer support only to licensed developers or someone that hires me to do an interface. That was why I didn't post the video on exhibition yet, but only in product. Future development involves more features and more free code but no free support with the reason I mentioned above.

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