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Hello, any help with setting me off in the right direction will be greatly appreciated!

It seams simple enough, but i just cant seam to grasp how to start, or find similar code to manipulate into what i need.

My problem:

I need to get a predefined message 'printed' to my lcd display
When a specific threshold 'voltage/value' is meet from a analog pin.

Thats it, simple right?

Cheers again


Thats it, simple right?

Yes read the analogue pin into a variable.
Then test the variable to see if it is greater tha. Your threshold with an if statement.
Then in the body of the if statement print to your LCD.


Thank You Mike,  I dont want to be ask, ask, ask. But...
What would that look like code wise? Im quite fresh at arduino =)


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I was hoping that would be enough for you to lookup the commands yourself, it is the best way to learn.
Code: [Select]

val = analogRead(0);
    if(val > 500) {
   lcd.print("your message");

Start with the LCD example in the IDE for the rest of the code.


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