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The problem that I found is that the "Reset" pin on the board is not one you can use to reset your Aquino and start you download.  It is an input to the CP2102 to reset the converter chip.

The board I got off eBay had an exposed DTR.  You need a Capacitor between this 'pin' and reset (pin 1) on the Atmel chip.

I attached a couple photos of a board like mine.  I got it to work without too much difficulty.


That one in the ebay link looks a bit different than the one the guys are hacking...Does this one also require hacking?

Yes, but it may be very difficult to hack as I don't see a DTR signal pad to attach to. The DTR signal is avalibe on the CP2101 chip, but it's very difficult to solder anything to those small spaced chip pins. Doesn't mean it can't be used but you may not be able to get it to utilize the auto-reset function and will have to use a well timed manual push button reset on the arduino board prior/during uploading.



You may need to spend another $3 and get one with a DTR solder point.


I didn't yet ordered anything..so I'll order that black one that looks like the one you guys are hacking..made my decision easier, thanks!


As retro mentions.. a simple, timed button press (reset button) will eliminate the need for any DTR/RESET pad on the FTDI cable end..

I have done it a million times on standalone and breadboard projects...  (a couple of custom boards, that did NOT have a reset button.. I just used my real Arduino as a passive/pass-through device to upload sketches...by removing the Atmega chip in my true Arduino)

this thread may help:


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