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broke out the wiring inside one of these

pinout: R, S, L, X, T, I, V, G

pretty sure:
V= V_cc
G= Gnd

Probably it:
R= right
L = left

i think:
X = Rx    } but what data would a simple car radio transmitter
T = Tx    } need to exchange back n forth?..

no clue:
S = ?
I = ?

since the ipod connects to it digitally, i'd assume the music stream is in digital format. but how do i find out what digital format it's in?


Picture is missing. If it's one of those radio-transmitters for the old 30-Pins iPod-connector, look up what the 30 Pins iPod-connector-pinout is. It's simple analog audio that is being transmitted, not digital.

The RX/TX is for the iPod to control the transmit freq. etc.

// Per.

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