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Hello guys, I've been searching this for the last few days without success..

I need to change a device's PID/VID, on an Atmel Chip with native USB support. Something like the AT90USB162 for example (it's not 100% decided this is the chip, but let's go with it).

How can it be done?
I have access to an Arduino UNO, Leonardo, Mega and a ZeptoProgII programmer. Would I need any other hardware other than the programmer?

I really have no idea on how to accomplish this, because Google is oddly quiet on this matter (or at least my searching technique is really bad this time :/ )...

The goal is to make devices that are properly recognized by other hardware on input. For example, I build a "mainframe" where I can connect an weather station (for example) through USB, and it immediatly recognizes the device, and acts accordingly.

Do you guys have any ideas for this?

P.S. - I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, as I will not be using an actual arduino. But since every electronics I build was made on top of arduino, this will pretty much be the same, but using a different chip this time.



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Sorry I cant speack english but look: FTDI Utilities ---> FT_Prog

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