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Hello everyone,

I was looking around if someone made something like I want - but i just saw some projects where someone has bulid an arduino project controlled by the PS3 sixaxis controller.

Well I want to do the other way:
My Arduino should work as an remote control so I can turn on and off my playstation from the arduino.
(and also pause/play a film etc.)

As I am not farmiliar with hacking radio stuff I hope someone can give some hints how I can reach my goal most easyly and possibly cheap.

Maybe someone already build a library as the playstation is well sold.

I already got an HC05 Bluetooth Module but it may not work for this project because it doesnt support the HID protocol.
Hopefully someone can help me out with this.

Thanks a lot!


Sorry but you get me wrong.
You showed me a library to control an Arduino with an ps2 controller.

I want to let an Arduino control a PS3.
The Arduino should be able to turn the PS3 on and off.

I also found some links like:
and that

but they are all for the wrong direction.


Here is where I found out how to get my arduino mega adk with a bluetooth dongle to work with the remote. I'm sure if you took a look at the library you could reverse engineer it to send out the right signal to turn it on. Btw a long press of the ps button on the remote turns it on.
I was just thinking also that there is a hand remote that works on the play station that you might be able to get cheap and hack to be able to turn on the play station also.

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