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Oct 06, 2013, 03:38 pm Last Edit: Oct 07, 2013, 02:20 pm by skirchev Reason: 1
Hello, I am playing with Spectra 1738 panel. Connected the serial port to my Debian server using RS232 to USB converter. The boud rate I am using is 9600. But can see only 7 bytes sent when an event is triggered. It seems the bytes differ from the ones Mauzer described.
Here is a sample of what I am dumping:
(the first value is the time i inserted - not from the Paradox system)
1381052775      11      5b      b0      8       1       5b      b0
1381052775      11      5b      b0      8       11      5b      b0
1381052795      81      60      0       8       1       60      0
1381052795      81      60      0       8       11      60      0
1381052799      41      60      0       8       1       60      0
1381052799      41      60      0       8       11      60      0

It seems the 5th byte reports sensor state.

Just in case anyone is still looking for this, you can find the protocol doc for the Digiplex online. The file name is, "DIGIPLEX-ASCII-EP00-eng.pdf". (Sans quotes.)

For example: http://www.elektro-mahl.cz/dokumenty/DIGIPLEX/DIGIPLEX-ASCII-EP00-eng.pdf

You need to have the PRT3 module in, and configured to, "Home Automation," mode. Hope this helps. :)


An update:
Byte 1: packet beginning??
Bytes from 2 to 3: year
Byte 4: month
Byte 5: day
Byte 6: hour
Byte 7: minutes
Byte 8: zone status. If==0 zone is closed  if==1 zone is opened
Byte 9: zone number
Byte 10: partition of the current zone
Bytes from 16 to 31: zone's name
Byte 37: 1 byte checksum



I also own a Spectra 1738. I want to interfacing with it using arduino.

The data here is very usefull for my project: Monitoring my house :)
For now, i have temperature, humidity, sound detection, flood warning, etc... But nothing from my alarm system... Everything can be accessed by web.

My biggest problem is that I cant find which pin is what on the serial ouput port? can you tell me which pin is Tx, gnd and VCC?

I tried to find the ground of the board but couldn't find it... I'm pretty new to electronic and without a known ground, it's hard to find the pin used for ground.


This is the pinout of the paradox serial connector.:

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