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Yeah im actually using a mini non momemtary push button I found, I couldn't find a single dip switch, all I had was a quad and more
ill let you know how the chips go in a bit, just bought three 328p from digikey


How about taking this idea and making a board that could replace the FTDI Breakout Board with the additional feature of an on-board ISP? 2 functions for about the price of either. One of the vendors like Sparkfun or others might be interested.


The chips came in, and the jumpers of ebay
I already reprogrammed the 16u2 in my rev3 with a usbisp
I added a nonmomemtary push button across the right pins,
I selected arduino as isp in the ide, clicked burn bootloader
then uploaded a fresh blink sketch
100% perfect success, I think they should add this to rev.4
Then since it will come preloaded on the 16u2 just about anyone who buys an arduino can very easily burn bootloaders without any additional hardware or isp their own board for some extra space,
excellent and thank you for this project!


Ooof, first feedback!  Thanks for the report and the kind comments.

In the meantime I've made an Arduino sketch to update the 8U2/16U2 (thanks to some neat work by Nick Gammon), so it is now possible to make an Uno update itself - no need for a second Arduino or other programmer.  If any body fancies trying it I'll dig it out.


Are you planning on making a 16u2 version that retains the dfu programming? Or I guess its not really needed with the arduino sketch


It would be better to keep the DFU bootloader, to make subsequent reprogramming easier.  I don't have an Uno R3 (yet), but I'll look into it.


It would be better to keep the DFU bootloader, to make subsequent reprogramming easier.  I don't have an Uno R3 (yet), but I'll look into it.

I have a Arduino UNO R3 (clone by EKitsZone). I self has interested to create ISP-programmer interface based  on mega16u2. Simultaneously, these i did not want to lose the use of DFU. Memory size of 16u2 should allow cram two program block (serial&isp + dfu). I had to cast with source code, him compiling and tuning ... The result can offer a ready-made firmware for 16u2 - use please ... http://files.migera.ru/arduino/isp/16u2-uno-r3-dfu-isp.hex

PS. Burn to 16u2 through usbasp (example) and avrdude ...


Great idea!

Tim7 - Could you also reverse this?  Could you download a program to the 328 that could then reprogram the 8U2?  Are the signals available on pins to do this?
This would be something like what the optiLoader does?

Cool! If you get this working, will I be able to download a program to the 328 that reprograms the 8u2 via ICSP, which then reprograms the 328 via ICSP? :)
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This is very exciting and ingenious. Could there be a HIDUINO mode, instead of a ISP mode?



Viral bootloaders have been around for a while in the AVR line... There may be earlier examples, but the first I remember taking notice of was the one by Bluebie used in the Attiny85 Digispark:



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Wow! This is awesome. I am using a UNO R3 and it works(I think- I just fried my processor and ordered a new one). The serial works great!
A great idea! Karma for you!
I know this thread is dead, but it is just too cool.
I love Arduino
When is the ZERO coming out?
Why RPi?

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