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I'm working on a MIDI controller with the newest arduino uno model. I know most MIDI controllers are usb and MIDI. Since MIDI signals can be sent via usb is there a way to do so with the arduino with out any other software? I've tried a few different ways but none seem to work. The free software to convert usb to MIDI never work, so if MIDI can be sent via usb then is there any software that works out there?

Nick Gammon

It's probably easier to work with MIDI itself. Do you have a MIDI output, or only USB on the device?


You need some sort of software or driver on the computer side.
The free software to convert usb to MIDI never work, so

What software is that? I have found code that works, are you on a PC or mac?


Right now I'm just using the USB on the arduino itself, If it can't then I'm going to get a MIDI port then a MIDI to USB converter. I've also just used random free ware stuff I've found online, if you can let me know where the code you had was that would be very helpful. I think my biggest problem with the stuff I've found so far is it is just there are no instructions on how to use it.


You can replace the atmega16u2 firmware with a USB midi driver and you get native USB midi in and out of your arduino.  Take a look at my blog here Arduino UNO Midi firmware and use the latest firmware from here. Also check out the other projects doing the same thing on the playground: http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/InterfacingWithHardware#USB.

The drawback is that you can't yet use serial and Midi at the same time so you have to burn back the serial driver to load sketches or use the ISP.

If you're using Linux or OSX see this thread about patching dfu-programmer to support the atmega16u2 http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,92148.0.html. If you're on windows then the latest version of flip from Atmel should already support it.

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