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I plan to make a line following robot! Has anybody got any suggestions for what type of sensors are best for this? Also does anybody know of any competitons in the uk?


usually a row of LDR or photodiodes are good, they are considered "light sensors" and there value change when facing a white line, and when facing a black line, so you can make a black line on a white surface, or the other way round.

I've actually seen line following sensors, but they are just a row of ldr's, so you can make your own simply, or buy one...


There is only one type of sensor for following a line. :)

To make the best robot then you need the best sensor array.
You can get away with using one but its not terribly fast.

The ultimate design would be about 5 sensors finely calibrated to the line.
One centered on the line, two on either edge and two more just off the line.
It gives you enough data to quickly follow the line accurately.

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