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Hello dear readers! :)

I just wanted to post a code of a traffic light control, which easily is built on a breadboard.
This is my first post to hopefully help others that are beginners like my self.  :smiley-mr-green:

You only need 3 leds (red, green & yellow), 3 resistors ? 330?, some wire & an Arduino.

If you need help on how to build the circuit, just click on the link in the code below.

I can post a screenshot of how I built my circuit if requested. Cheers!

Code: [Select]
Trafficlights made basic, by inicko. I made a few changes from; [url]www.makeuseof.com/tag/traffic-light-controller/[/url]   |
the loop now goes:      |        I found my changes made a more reallistic light pattern than
yellow & red to red     |        the original code. At least this is how the traffic lights are -
red to red & yellow     |        in Sweden as far as I know.
red & yellow to green   |     
green to green & yellow |      Hope you enjoy it!  I've just started with programming, so feel free to change anything
green & yellow to yellow|      if it's wrong or could be written in a better way etc.
yellow to red           |      It works the way I intended anyway, so I'm happy ;-)!


// defines the pin outputs as the colored leds for ease //

int red = 13;
int yellow = 12;
int green = 11;

// sets the pins 11-13 as outputs //
void setup(){
  pinMode(red, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(yellow, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(green, OUTPUT);

// creates the loop that your Arduino will repeat over & over //
void loop(){

// the commands that make the leds light up in a specific order //

void changeLights(){

  // turn off green, then turn yellow on for 2 seconds
  digitalWrite(green, LOW);
  digitalWrite(yellow, HIGH);

  // turn off yellow, then turn red on for 5 seconds
  digitalWrite(yellow, LOW);
  digitalWrite(red, HIGH);

  // red & yellow on for 2 seconds (red already on)
  digitalWrite(yellow, HIGH);

  // green on for 5 seconds, turns off red & yellow
  digitalWrite(yellow, LOW);
  digitalWrite(green, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(red, LOW);

  // turn on yellow (green already on)
  digitalWrite(yellow, HIGH);


Whats next with this code, adding ultrasonic rangefinders to see the traffic situation so you don't drive up to a red light in the middle of the night with no cars around?


I was rather thinking of connecting a nuclear bomb that detonates when someone walks or drives when the lights are red


Seems a tadbit costly. Maybe it just deploys a spikestrip under their tires suddenly. But then again, how would you account for legal right turns on red?


where will i get 4way traffic light controller


Well you could either try coding it by your self with my code for a bit of guidance or simply google 4way traffic light.

You always find answers on google ;-)!

sir? will you please give the schematic diagram of traffic light?

thank you very much Sir.

Godbless   :)

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