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Sorry i know what you mean, my mind kept flipping between "our" perspective and "theirs" so yeah kinda confusing in that respect....

Turing is a good choice, he'd have been accepted in this day and age for who he is and would become a legend over night, or he might just have another mental break down over something else instead, but yes, excellent choice :)

Mozart lol, show him all the synthesizers we have now and all the different kinds of sounds he could work with to compose with.. but would his music sound too oudated to be popular?  - I like the idea of Tesla because even in today's world he'll fully recognize his achievements, oh look there's a high voltage transformer, 3 phaze motor, mine, he might get a tad big headed with the old technology still around of his :) what's your TV if you had no power line to power it because if it was not for me chances are you'd still be on DC power and paying 100x more for your electric, his tesla coil and induction methods still used today, what's he going to say to the scientists now who are working on powering devices such as phones without wires.... he'll laugh at them.. you call that old technlogy of mine? how many years?... he was a critical of people back then, this would  just confirm everything he ever believed in lol..

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