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Hello everyone, I am a new user from Italy. :-)

I realized a thermostat controllable by web using an arduino with wifi shield.
My house is divided into two zones (day and night) controlled by two programmable thermostats.
I often travel for work and sometimes happen to get home earlier or later than I thought. Hence the need to have a thermostat controllable by the web.
Looking around I found great thermostats wifi with web interface but very expensive (500-700 euros), so I decided to realize this project and it works!


Product                                                         Price      Qty       Price Tot
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
Arduino Uno                                                   29,90      1         29,90
Wifi Shield                                                     56,00      1         56,00
Temperature Sensor DS18B20                             2,00      2         4,00
Power Supply AC/DC 3-12V 500mA                      9,90      1         9,90
Relay 220V                                                      8,00      3         24,00
Switch                                                           30,00      1         30,00
Switch Contact 1NO/1NC                                    5,00      2         10,00
Mini adhesive backed PCB support 14.3mm           4,50      1          4,06
Box                                                                9,00      1          9,00
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Total 176,86

I installed the Arduino + wifishield, the three relays and the switch in the box.
I placed the two temperature sensors side by side with traditional thermostats, one in the day zone and the other in the night zone.
The switch is used to include/exclude the arduino or the traditional thermostats.
I then added a third relay (on the web page "auxiliary") to turn on/off a pellet stove.

Screenshot of the webpage:

I attach the code, libraries and some pdf, please use arduino-0023 (with Arduino-1.0 does not work the wifi shield library).
I also used a modified OneWire library because the original one doesn't work with long wires (about 10 meters from arduino to temperature sensors).

Suggestions for improvement are welcome!


Hi Gianni,
congratulations for your project! Very interesting.
If you want you can take a look at our project Freedomotic.com as software control for your system.
I noted that it's based on http commands so it's simple to create a specific plugin.
This is a code example for an ethernet relay board using a similar communication protocol http://code.google.com/p/freedomotic/source/browse/plugins/devices/progettihwsw-eth/src/it/cicolella/phwsw/ETHProgettiHwSw.java
Freedomotic Open IoT Framework
We need your help. Please contact us for contributing


Looks like a nice and tidy user interface. :)

I also used a modified OneWire library because the original one doesn't work with long wires (about 10 meters from arduino to temperature sensors).

One question>> What modifications did you do to the OneWire library?

I am asking, because I also plan to build some temperature monitoring on my heating system in the house, which is also heated by a pellet stove :)



From back in the day when things were simple.  :)

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Can you share with us how you did this?

I have attached a pdf in the first post with the scheme of the project.
There are few words in Italian, sorry.  :~


Nice project, can you tell which WIFI shield you use ?
Arduino leren ? ArdLab Gent - Lid van de STEM-Academie - www.ardlab.gent


Nice project, can you tell which WIFI shield you use ?

I have attached a pdf in the first post.
It's in Italian, sorry. 


Looks nice, congratulations!


Cool. Where did you get the 220V relay?


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Instead f the relay can it be used a mosfet


I wanted to do something similar to control my heating adjusting the start time automatically if its colder so in the winter it would come on earlier depending on the outside temperature. I even though it could learn how long it takes to get to temperature depending on how cold it was and adjust accordingly.
I looked at the WIFI shields and thought I may be beter using something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-Travel-Wireless-N-WLAN-Router-Access-Point-Adapter-/300556193704?pt=UK_Computing_Wireless_Routers&hash=item45fa8b8fa8&_uhb=1 an access point with an Ethernet shield that way all the WEP/WPA stuff is done externally and maybe I can pinch 6v from the PSU to power my arduino. Its cheaper too !!


HI, I would like to do something similar using enc28j60 chip Arduino shield.

Only a web temperature notifier :

For exemple ,if temp is below 20 deg send an email. If temp is over 25 send an email again. Is it possible. If yes how should i do with this shield?

Thanks a lot my friend.


Hi, nice project...Is it possible to use this code with ethernet libary? If yes can you tell me how?
Thanks a lot.

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