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Good morning all,

I want to display a list of names on the sure 3208 but I dont know a cleaner way either then doing this messy line, in the code below. Can anyone of you can guide me on how to do a cleaner way please?

HT1632.drawText("Angelo          Chris          Marie          Joseph          Josianne          Samuel          Haiden          Malta          Gozo",

Code: [Select]
#include <font_5x4.h>
#include <HT1632.h>
#include <images.h>

int i = 0;
int wd;

void setup () {
 // Setup and begin the matrix
 // HT1632.begin(CS1,WR,DATA)
 HT1632.begin( 9, 10, 11);
 // Give the width, in columns, of the assigned string
 // FONT_5x4_WIDTH and FONT_5x4_HEIGHT are parameter specified in the "font_5x4.h" file
 wd = HT1632.getTextWidth("Angelo          Chris          Marie          Joseph          Josianne          Samuel          Haiden          Malta          Gozo", FONT_5X4_WIDTH, FONT_5X4_HEIGHT);

void loop () {
 // Font rendering example
 HT1632.drawText("Angelo          Chris          Marie          Joseph          Josianne          Samuel          Haiden          Malta          Gozo", 2*OUT_SIZE - i, 2, FONT_5X4, FONT_5X4_WIDTH, FONT_5X4_HEIGHT, FONT_5X4_STEP_GLYPH);
 i = (i+1)%(wd + OUT_SIZE * 2);  

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