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but if I wait like half'n hour, and power the board again, the TLC's will again function for about 2 seconds.

Sounds like they are getting hot. I would measure the current in and see if it is what you expect.
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I gave up on the old board and started to build a new one:

How would be best to wire the power/signal lines?
From one point to all 4 the TLC's? (and the arduino, if talking about power lines)
From the power source/signal source in series over al the TLC's?
Or a combination where i'd split the line and run it over 2 TLC's?


I found the problem!!

I was using a 7805 with heatsink, but with a metal screw, so the entire heatsing was connected to the ground of the 7805.
That explained why it would stop working when heating up! Fixed it now. :)


Okay nevermind, it's acting the same again, after 3 min.

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