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Author Topic: 3 number cube using an accelerometer and Xbee  (Read 625 times)
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For a school proyect I need to design a 3 number cube physical, and then i need to display the number in a display and tell the number.
For this im planning to use an Arduino UNO with a 3 axis accelerometer and a Xbee for sending the number to another Arduino Uno with an Xbee, my question is that if it is possible to use an Arduino Uno, accelerometer and Xbee together because of the serial communication, and if you know about a voice synthesizer that i can use with arduino??
I really appreciate your responses, because i need to start working on the proyect soon.

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You can use softserial for extra serial ports. (newSOftSerial  in pre1.0 versions)

VoiceSYnthesizer => check - -

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