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Apr 25, 2012, 01:56 pm Last Edit: Apr 25, 2012, 03:02 pm by SurferTim Reason: 1
I submitted the change to the Arduino crew, and another user pointed out some changes required to other files. I attached Ethernet.h and Ethernet.cpp to this with the changes required to use the w5200. These are from the IDE v1.0.1-rc1 ethernet library.

edit: Here is the report. If you have anything else to add, now would be the time.  :)

This code works with both the w5100 and w5200. To use the w5200, you must open w5100.h, and uncomment the "#define W5200" statement.

Code: [Select]
// change this
// #define W5200
// to this
#define W5200



When i try to compile with the new files, i get this:

C:\ARDUINO\arduino-1.0\libraries\Ethernet\Ethernet.cpp: In member function 'int EthernetClass::maintain()':
C:\ARDUINO\arduino-1.0\libraries\Ethernet\Ethernet.cpp:88: error: 'DHCP_CHECK_NONE' was not declared in this scope
C:\ARDUINO\arduino-1.0\libraries\Ethernet\Ethernet.cpp:91: error: 'class DhcpClass' has no member named 'checkLease'
C:\ARDUINO\arduino-1.0\libraries\Ethernet\Ethernet.cpp:93: error: 'DHCP_CHECK_NONE' cannot appear in a constant-expression
C:\ARDUINO\arduino-1.0\libraries\Ethernet\Ethernet.cpp:96: error: 'DHCP_CHECK_RENEW_OK' was not declared in this scope

Had to put back my original back ethernet to compile.



Sorry, Joe. You will need to stay with the older version. IDE v1.0 does not support checkLease(). That is new for IDE v1.0.1, according to my source code.

But that should not be a problem. If/When this change is implemented, that version will support it.



Thanks for the followup!..



I just grab'd a copy of your updated files, thanks. I am trying to get UDP multicast working with the W5200. The W5100 works great. I get no packets using the W5200. If I send Unicast to the IP address, it works fine. Same code, except for the two w5100.cpp and w5100.h. Using the WIZ820io module from Wiznet.

Goal is to get E1.31 multicast working with the newer W5200 chip.

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