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Can some tell me if the difference between a 101 and a 104 capacitor.  Listed 101=100pF and 104 = .1uF. Aren't they the same?????


Nope, you've got your SI prefixes mixed up a bit. 0.1uF is 100nF, which is 100000pF.

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Oh duh.    Can I delete this post.   Lol :smiley-eek-blue:


Oh duh.    Can I delete this post.   Lol :smiley-eek-blue:

Yes, but consider... If one person asks a question, someone else probably will too.  Maybe the next person will find this post in a search.
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I agree with James C45 here. I know, it sound simple, but to the newbe in electronics, it is not so simple. It a bit comfusing.

OK let analyse this up.

101  ---> you read like a resistor code except the numbers are already there for you. The "unit" is the multiplier. So it is 1 0 0 pF . p is pico 10 exp -12 u is micro 10 exp -6 and n is nano 10 exp -9.

104  --->  is 1 0 -->  0000 <-- 4 zeros   so it is  10 0000 pF re-arrange --> 100 000 pF is also 0.1 uF you decimal point is move toward the left 6 position 100 nF , the decimal point is move toward the left 3 position.

In other words... think Metric...  ;)

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