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Do take XBee XSC may be or other higher version of it, will definitely have an added advantage to your projects also it will be a necessity may be.
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batteries, super-capacitors, power management, solar cells & water proofing equipment :-)


A bigger boat

What? Someone had to say it!

(to store all the things you might need!)

Ran Talbott

First, you need to ask some questions to define your goals and needs more clearly.

Will you just be living aboard in an urban harbor (where you could mail-order any parts you overlooked)? Or heading off for a long stay on a desert island?

Will you be building gadgets for the boat that will permanently tie up Arduinos and parts (and maybe should use the smaller, DIP-form-factor clones)?  Or will you be doing "educational" projects (which might mean more proto shields so you can leave multiple projects set up and swap Arduinos among them)?

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