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Nick Gammon

I have subscribed to be notified of new threads in quite a few parts of the forum. In particular "Programming questions". But I seem to only get some of those notifications. For example, today a thread was started (Delay help?):


I only found out about this because I was browsing the programming questions.

No email arrived to notify me of it.

I just checked, and I am supposed to be subscribed to this part of the forum.

It's as if the forum "sometimes" notifies me. Well that's not all that useful (except to reduce the workload). Whatever system they use, if it doesn't reliably work, we may as well not have it.



I wonder how many notification emails are sent every day.

Looking at close to 100k members, probably with a lot of dead accounts / bad email addresses.
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Nick Gammon

Well you have to subscribe. That isn't the default. But maybe some pruning could take place.

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