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Topic: Finally made a glowing candle :) (RGB one!) (With Video?) (now with code! LOL) : (Read 821 times) previous topic - next topic


still wish i had a pascal compiler though

And hence the user name :)


your thoughts :)

OK - here are my two cent: If it works for you and you are satisfied, then it's OK. It's (mostly ;)) well formatted - this helps to understand the program. I have only two remarks:

1. the for loops
Code: [Select]
for (n=255; n>0;) are a little bit unusual. Why did you put the n-- into the loop and not into the for statement?

2. I think the part "if (firstcycle==false)" may go into the setup function (without the "if"). Then you can spare a boolean (not really necessary here, but memory on ┬ÁC is tight  ;)).

Thumbs up!

best regards

#define true '/'/'/'
#define false '-'-'-'

Nick Gammon

It looks pretty realistic. Well done!

Of course, normal candles aren't multi-colour, that's over egging the pudding, eh? But a nice effect.

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