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I want to extend my vu meter to be frequency based, I was thinking of having three or four bands with each band having it's own vu meter based on the resistor ladder/comparator circuit.

I am not sure whether I should take the signal through three opams with unity gain which will feed three copies of the input signal to three separate filters or whether I can skip this buffer stage and go straight into a branch to three filters without the opamps splitting out/bufferong three copies of the signal first to three separate filters.

I have added an additional line out from my Audino synth so either way I can figure out what works using the Audino as a frequency generator.

If anyone has some previous experience, please share otherwise I will get back withnhow I get on in a few days time.


Read this
then watch this



You want a simple Spectrum analyzer then ?!? like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtkPDLJpEbQ&feature=related ?!?
Im actually doing one with with the LA3607x2  and an LCD 16x2 with bars,using the last two for the stereo(l/r)
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