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Topic: I can't use the H-Resolution Mode2 on my BH1750 light sensor (Read 319 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello at all,

I have been using the H-Resolution Mode without any problem, I got a code done and It does a write with this valour 0x10 to set the H-Resolution Mode( the code explain that that mode is which is used).

In the datasheet BH1750, if you read how to set different modes, you notice that you should write this 0x20 to set H-resolution Mode, but in fact It measures each 1 lux writing 0x10, so that mode is set.This is the datasheet:


Maybe there will be somewhat when you use the wire to set a mode that I dont know, or something else, this is the part of code that set the mode:

void configure_BH1750()
  Wire.write(0x10);        //set resolution to 1 lux  countinouosly H-resolution mode,each 120ms make a measure

To set H-Resolution Mode2 I would write : wire.Write(0x21), but It doesnt work, the sensor doesnt measure.

anybody knows what's going on??

Thank you!!!

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