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Hello Arduino forum,

I've searched the internet for projects, tutorials, guides or explanations on how to get realtime data from arduino wirelessly to
a mobile device (android, iPhone, iPad) but i haven't found any concrete possibilities...yet.

so far, bluetooth is out of the question. unless you want to go through the whole apple MFI (made for ipod) program, which i don't really want :<
wirelss is then the only other option. So far, i haven't found a good adhoc way to do it. Is there? Please tell me!
Also i found some methods that used websockets for direct communication (but then both wireless arduino + device should be in the same network, connected to the same wireless AP / router). How reliable is this? any good tutorial for using sockets?

What i ultimately want is to get gyro / accelerometer data from arduino wireless to ipad / iphone.


What i ultimately want is to get gyro / accelerometer data from arduino wireless to ipad / iphone.

Why? Your i devices have accelerometers built in.


Yes, but it's going to be a fast moving part (i'm going for a fast gyro also: 1200 degree/second or faster.) where i want to attach a gyro / accelerometer to without 'sticking' an i-device to it.

All i need to know is how to get realtime data wirelessly over to an iPad / iPhone. I know i can use bluetooth for
Android tablets / phones, but i would like to target iDevices also...


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Cool, thanks Paul! I understand where this is going. I'd have to make a device that plugs into an i-device,
and through xbees / bluetooth / WiFi connect to my own device. Hmm. i think i can make that work, cumbersome as it is.
damn you apple, just give us control of the built-in bluetooth modem. The internet of things could look so much
less 'cumbersome' and intuitive :<

But wait:

What about ad-hoc wireless? OR, let arduino with WiFi be an AP? can that be done? is there any way to do that on iDevices?

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