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Hello ,is there possible to replace atmega with arduino bootloader to "clean" atmega 328P(without arduino bootloader) on board and program it with avr studio in C? I checked this tutorial - http://www.jayconsystems.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=18 but i must have arduino bootloader on atmega.



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If you don't have a bootloader on the chip you need an In-circuit Serial Programmer (ISP or ICSP) device.  You can emulate one with an Arduino and the ArduinoISP sketch (Files->Exampels->ArduinoISP) or buy one from China for under $10 on eBay (look for "USBasp").
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So is there possible to using arduino board like USBasp?


Yes, any of the SPI-based programmers will (should) do it, including a spare Arduino if you have one lying around.

Exactly as johnwasser said.
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