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Hey, am having trouble interfacing with an Alphanumeric display using the LCDLibrary. Sometimes, when i turn on the Arduino and the LCD it works fine for a while, and then parts of the letters start dissapearing, or it just doesnt work. Have followed all instructions to the letter, as far as i can see.

am using an Arduino Diecimila, and a DEM16217 from Maplin if that helps... part number N27AZ.

Help? have been almost tearing my hair out just trying to get this to work!

Thanks in Advance,

Tom ;D


I had some problems a while ago with some old LCD displays i bought in a fleamarket. I switched to the 4 bit LCD lib and everything worked as it should. This also saves 4 pins on the Arduino that can be used for other stuff.


... and if the 4bit library doesn't solve your problems, why not go around them? For $9 you can get a kit of parts to allow you to control a LCD panel through one pin and really simple Serial.write("Easy") commands.



... The "board" is a full kit of parts.

(I'm only a happy customer; no financial interest in their sales.)


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ok um the 4bit library didnt work either..... just spent another half hour scratching my head over that. Also am a poor student in the UK, so buying something like the LCD kit is outa the question.

Another point is, if its the LCD thats bust then another interface along the way wouldnt really help....... would it?

Has anyone actually got one of these maplin boards to work? and if so did you use your own code or use one of the pre-built libraries?


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Tom, it sounds like you may have a faulty LCD chip. If the LCD works fine for a while, and then parts of the letters start disappearing without changing the data to the LCD then it seems unlikely to be a problem with the interface or Arduino.

Take a picture of the LCD display showing that parts of the character display are missing and bring it in to Maplin's and ask for a replacement.

FWIW, Maplin have significantly raised their prices on all components over the last few years and you can usually find the same item or better new on ebay for half the price. For example I bought the 16x2 blue backlit module here , it cost £5.50 shipped and I received it in the next mornings post.



can't you just re initial the lcd from time to time ?
like every 10 minuets or every 100 commands, or what ever,

this is no real help but maybe you can get around the problem



mem: yea its most likely a faulty LCD chip, but i dont think maplin would take it back as i had to solder header pins onto it first. And the next display i get will be from Farnell for about half the price of maplin - i just wanted an LCD quickly and theres one down the road :P I also cant get it to display anything anymore so taking a picture of it isnt much help...

tomek: it isnt actually initialising at all anyway.... so re-initialising it wont reeeeeally help i dont think.

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