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Hello there,

I have a question:

The situation is as follows.

Arduino 1: MEGA > XBEE + Keypad, LCD screen, Joystick, some buttons, Faders.

Arduino 2: UNO r3 > XBEE connection with Arduino 1. And wired connection with Arduino 3: Arduino used voor movement of robot plaform.

Arduino 3: UNO r3 > Wired connection with Arduino 2: Used vor Animatronic head...

Now the question: How do I connect all the Arduino's together.. witch the least used pins..




Think I would go for I2C between (2) and (3) - only uses 2 pins ...(analog 4 & 5)
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Think I would go for I2C between (2) and (3) - only uses 2 pins ...(analog 4 & 5)

And ground!
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Thanks for the reply,

I could have think about it. Sounds logical. I'll try it and see what happens...



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