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Is it possible to bootload an ATmega2560 with an Arduino Duemilanove (ATmega328p)? If so, where do you connect the wires? I do not have a Mega to attach the 2560 to.



I can't see why not( but I'm half blind).  I think It's worth a try anyway.

Connect: (Duemilanove to Atmega2560)
    SCK to SCK
    MISO to MISO
    MOSI to MOSI
    Pin 10 to Reset
    5V to VCC (all)
    GND to GND (all)

Also, you will likely have to disable the auto-reset on the Duemilanove.  This is apparently usually done by placing a 10uF capacitor from Reset on the Duemilanove to ground.
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Nick Gammon

This gives the pin numbers on the Mega2560:


ArduinoISP doesn't support devices with 256k of flash, but it's possible (unlikely, but possible) that AVRdude does magic to make it work anyway...


Thanks so much for all the help, everyone! Maybe I'll get the 1280 instead.

Nick Gammon

Can you clarify the question? You have a raw Atmega2560 with no bootloader? Is that right?


Yes, that's correct. I do have a breakout board for it.

Nick Gammon

There was another thread recently where someone was having trouble installing the bootloader on a Mega2560. In the end I suggested getting the AVRISP MkII from Atmel (or some distributor) because that is designed by Atmel for their processors. Then make up an SPI header using the standard (6) pins and you can plug it in and upload the Mega bootloader. I don't know if the 1280 will be any better, I suspect some programmers don't go over 64 Kb properly.

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