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Hello Everyone,

Can someone advise me how to establish high-speed (500K baud or faster) two-way (bidirectional) communication link between BeagleBone and Arduino?


Amara Milton


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Probably SPI, although it won't be truly bidirectional b/c the master would have to "allow" the other to talk (since SPI is a master/slave architecture where the master generates the clock, it is full duplex though)...  I2C running at 400KHz may come close and if you design the code right (both devices register themselves as slaves, one "becomes" a master temporarily to initiate communication then goes back to its slave mode once the transaction is complete) it's truly bidirectional (albeit still half-duplex).

SPI can be clocked out at up to 1/2 the arduino's crystal clock speed (so 8Mbps max for your typical 16MHz arduino).

But the better question here is, what use do you have with such a high-speed link with an Arduino?  What kind of data are you transferring to/from it and how long do you expect to wait for the arduino to process data between I/O bursts?

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