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As my project becomes presentable bit by bit I want to share it with you (altough it's not stable yet). It's a home automation framework consisting of a arduino lib, a onlineservice and a android app for now. If you think it's interesting you can find more details about it in my blog.

Here are some impressions:

* Create a virtual remote control panel

* Use the virtual remote with your smartphone by scanning the QR-code

* Define events and actions based on your input/output devices

* This is my prototype setup at home to open the door, control 433MHz power sockets and measure temperature.


Very interesting project!! Congratulations.
We are working on a domotic framework including different solutions and tecnologies. It's based on messaging system, managing of events and reactions. If you want take a look at http://www.freedomotic.com/ or http://code.google.com/p/freedomotic/ for a possible integration.
Best regards
Freedomotic Open IoT Framework
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