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Hi all,
  First a caveat, I am not a current arduino user and have done very little in this area, I am by trade a software developer though so that part I'm good with ;)

I've got an idea where I could geek out and build a solution for a local charity fundraising event called "punch-a-thon", this is their goal:

- 25,000 punches in 1 hour

The idea being they will raise money through pledges for each boxer taking part. I forgot how many boxers are involved but I think the idea is around 2 punches / sec.

So my idea:
- use RFID's to identify the boxer (easy enough)
- secure a pressure pad to the punching bag to count how many punches were thrown

For the pressure pad it would need to be strong enough to withstand the punches, though it doesn't need to necessarily accurately measure the pressure (though that would be cool).

So is this feasible? Arduino + Pressure Pad == punch counting machine?

Any and all feedback is welcome!


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