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I've got quite the parts bin these days.  I picked up some of those storage thingies at a hardware store -- you know, the ones with four transparent plastic slide-out trays that have removable section dividers and a snap-shut lid.  This is great for my resistors, caps, diodes, switches, and other things that I'm not worried about damaging from a little errant static energy.

However, all my ICs are in mylar bags in a stack of Digi-Key boxes.  Not quite as organized.  I'm wondering if it might be safe to cut some large anti-static bags apart, glue them to the interior of the (not anti-static) plastic bins, and store the sensitive parts in there.


Jack Christensen

I tend to accumulate the anti-static foam and rails that parts ship in. The foam will go in the bottom of the little plastic drawers, and the rails are all in a jumble in a larger workbench drawer, so not quite as organized there. I've also cut the rails to lengths that fit in the small plastic drawers.


That's a good idea.  It would keep the pins from getting bent jostling around in freespace.

Anyone else have some handy tricks?  Keep 'em coming.


Cover some expanded polystyrene in aluminium foil, stick the chips into that (always ground the foil to your body first though)
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Jack Christensen

If you want something professional, Flambeau, Inc. makes conductive parts cabinets:

All-Spec carries their products and just about any other anti-static thing you could imagine, or not.

I would never have imagined that there was such a thing as anti-static hand lotion. :D

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