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I've just purchased a few Xbee Pro 900's for a project and I want to link my Xbee's to my Arduino but according to the specs on the XBP from Digi it say's that the Xbee runs on 3-3.6v and uses 3-3.6v for the logic too.  The powering of the Xbee isn't an issue then as I can just run it from the 3.3v on the Arduino, but doesn't the Arduino run 5v over the serial pins?  Do I need to regulate the serial pins from the Arduino going to the Xbee and if so what's the easiest/best way of doing this?

I just wanted to double check before making assumptions and possibly frying one of my Xbee's.

Also I didn't purchase an Xbee explorer or SDK so I don't have the PC>Xbee connection to flash the firmware and settings to my requirements.  Aside from anything required above do you thing the following code would allow me to use my Arduino as the middleman between the PC and Xbee to flash it?
Code: [Select]
void setup() {

void loop() {
  If (Serial.available()>0){


The non-Pro versions say that they are 5V tolerant on the TX/RX pins (but only those pins). I can't imagine that the Pro versions are not.
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Where did you get that info from for the non-pro version?  I've looked through all the doco I could find on the pro but couldn't find a mention of it anywhere :(

Jack Christensen

Paul, I'd be interested in that reference, too.

Ace, the Arduino's 3.3V supply is only good for 50mA I believe, I'd check the current requirements of the XBees.


Ace, the Arduino's 3.3V supply is only good for 50mA I believe, I'd check the current requirements of the XBees.

Oh yeah, I didn't even think about that.  I just assumed it was within spec as many people use them...
Maybe ordering a shield is the best way to go then - I was hoping to avoid using one to reduce the space and connections used from the Arduino.

Note to self: Never assume.

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