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Dear community,

I'm wandering about the possibilities to code and upload to the Arduino (Uno) with an Ipad (3)?

What about the IDE ?
What about the usb port for uploading ? Can I use the camera adaptor kit ?

Is it possible ?
Is it simple as with my old pc ?

Thanks for any tips



The answer to ALL of your questions is no.


What about the IDE ?

There isn't one for iOS.

What about the usb port for uploading ? Can I use the camera adaptor kit ?

No, there isn't any iOS-based software for programming the Arduino.

Is it simple as with my old pc ?

Your old PC and your iPad have absolutely nothing in common.  This is just as possible as it is to upload code to an Arduino using my old car. 
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I don't know how happy the ipad is with java but perhaps you could make some mods to the arduino software so that it has bigger buttons and is able to be used with a touch screen. It will certainly not be as easy as with an old pc to set up as the input system on the ipad is based on buttons and predefined values and not for large scale text writing. It would be like cutting a steak with a spoon.

You would be better selling the ipad and just getting a netbook with windows 7 installed... And you would get change too! Failing that , you could even get a windows tablet pc which WOULD run arduino software quite happily but you would still run into the input issue I described above...


had the same question, thanks for the answers

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