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An entire Linux box really shouldn't be cheaper than an Ethernet shield.

That's the way things are going.

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29 euro's for the ethernet shield on the arduino shop
35$ for the raspberrie pi
that doesn't make much financial difference. This way I can use the arduino for real time stuff and off-load the ethernet load and SD load to the raspberrie
Sounds like a good deal to me (that is except for the additional software stack - being a non Linux person)

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I use Puppy linux
It takes 72 seconds to boot to where it is connected and I am usually reading my email .Configured the way i have it it closes in less than 3 seconds.

Puppy Linux is frequently run from a 1Gig memory stick or minature SD card if you want so its bringing the total package size needed down remarkably. In that configuration it loads in about 30 seconds and can be reduced by dropping a lot of unnecessary stuff from the kernel

Squash it all in a hard drive case with a lipo battery ?

The wait to get a Pi though is ridiculous but they just started advertising it way too soon to attract interest and discourage competition I suppose . It will get done better again by someone else very soon


The GPIO pins are 3V

This is the biggest put-off for me too.
I have BeagleBoard and BeagleBone, and the interface level-conversions are a PITA.
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29 euro's for the ethernet shield on the arduino shop
35$ for the raspberrie pi

Ethernet shield delivered to your door in 3-5 days (ground).
Raspberry Pi delivered to your door in... some day... maybe. :(

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