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a LAMP mod for the Pi with external USB hdd may be quite a desirable solution for home automation/logging


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Join a PI with an arduino (with sensors) and the result makes a HOBO datalogger look like a damn silly option.


Just pre-ordered one today, finally so lets see !! They say July !!
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Does the IDE work on the PI? I think the main idea behind the PI is to provide a very cheap computer such that each student can have one. Well, I want my students to program arduinos as well!


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What would you prefer the raspberry pi to the beaglebone? I know it is a bit more expensive but you get it delivered on time, you've got direct access to GPIOs pins, they are shields (called capes), and the processor is 20% more powerful.  :)


BeagleBone is nice and a good option for controlling an arduino. It is approximatly twice the price, but available.

But RPi has much more graphics processing power than the BeagleBone (or nearly any other embedded system) and a graphics output. That may not be improtant to some people, but even within the arduino community that maybe useful


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One thing i have to agree with is- I rather pay more now, than few quid less and having to wait till Kingdom come !!
Plus there is this coming soon http://www.olimex.com/dev/a13-olinuxino.html. Knowing Olimex previous products, this wont let us down... Only this is doesnt seem to have a dedicated graphic board( ?!?Am i corrrect there ?!? as they mention Mali400 MP as graphic acceleration) but has an A8 @ 1Ghz
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Those Olimex guys do some nice boards.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


The Arduino IDE seems to run really well. As far as Java apps go, the Arduino IDE is pretty light. The Pi would definitely make a good Arduino programming platform for students to learn on.


I am planning on using the RPi like the way couple others mentioned, off load the Ethernet and SD functionality from my Mega, Since the Ethernet shield can't do both server and client. I currently use 2 Ethernet Sheild, one on Mega to server web page and the other on Uno to send emails. If RPi can do both, that will be awesome !

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