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Hi I am a newbie and needed help, I have a arduino UNO, an Ethernet shield and an electric door strike


I need help with the programming of this, I have no previous experience. How do I program it to unlock via a ip address page and via a button inside, will I be able to set it so that it stays open for 5 secs then closes unless I tap a different button which leaves it open until locked.




You don't what to hold that latch open for a long time there not made for that.

Have a look at this http://arduserver.com/ it's basically the same thing led on door opens led off door is locked just use a fet to sink the power of the latch coil.


I think I will go for having a keypad then, can anyone tell me how to program a standard style keypad, I would prefer to have it as a remote is there anyway I could complete that as eventually I would add more functions and have one remote to control it all.

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