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Hello all, i am new to the Arduino world. I've been assigned to a project, that has to do with length measurement. What i really want is to design something to count the length of a rope that is on a plastic reel. is there a sensor that the rope can go through a custom wheel, and then base on the wheel perimeter, count the length of the rope?
Any guidance is much appreciated



you could use a encoder.
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as i am new to this, could you elaborate more on this please?


I remember a science programme on TV a while back, about an immediate-post-Soviet research station in Antarctica, taking ice core samples from great depth in the ice-cap.
The cable attached to sampler passed over a pulley, where a simple switch was pressed each revolution by a peg attached to the pulley.
The switch was wired across the '=' key of a cheap, off-the-shelf calculator!
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Yes. This is a very nice simple project for a new Arduino user. There are many ways to detect when the custom wheel has made a rotation. The simplest would be a momentary contact switch that is activated by something protruding from the wheel. The rest is simple math. Depending on the method you choose to detect a rotation, you may have to consider contact bounce. - Scotty

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