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edit: sabotage is quite the trip. just finished listening to it and it is intense and enjoyable. love the industrial noisiness of it.

Which one was that ?

I spent the day listening to Pharoah Sanders, probably an acquired taste but that guy makes more music in 15 seconds than most people make in a life time - his really genius is that he can also make less music too.

Theres an Alice Coltrane track thats about 11 minutes long. 10 minutes in Pharoah Sanders unpacks his horn, plays it for 15 seconds and leaves, the whole track makes sense right there and then, thats class and not many have it to that degree or even close.

Will post the track if I remember which it is, but most pharoah sanders output from 1967 to about 1972 is worth a listen.

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please post a link to some pharao sanders stuff you find especially worth checking out.

sabotage is the track by sciguy

One of my best songs, IMO:
The arduino sampled through various effects makes every synth sound in the song.

its really rough and at the same time very straight, which I really like... just giving it another listen



We have all year to get to Pharoah Sanders, in the meantime, heres a clip of Red Snapper -


Terrible recording but very intense live, used to see them whenever they came to London.

I set out on a mission to find new music last year when I bought the latest album by these guys and it left me cold, all the prior albums had at least two or three stunning tracks.

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That was  a nice break from getting my ears ripped off by my usual listening.

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