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A nice idea I had on the way to work this morning while listening to the only John Coltrane track I like - Ascension, was to put some buttons on the Auduino that would play a blues lick around the selected note. One of the Auduino modes maps the pot values to the pentatonic scale so you could easily play licks up and down the octaves by simply turning the pot.

As for the Thermin, there is a youtube video of a guy playing an Auduino fitted with peizo knock sensors and an LED/Light sensor pair.

You can use anything that could be connected to an Analogue input.

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Every forum has one... So what is everyone listening to ?

Got this on the radio driving home from work. Not sure how new it is, but it's a good track.


Check this out, front page news here today and the first time I have heard of this -


Not surprising. This goes right along with the brainwave entrainment stuff I first saw some years ago. LED glasses, for inducing ... I think it was Alpha waves. How do you feel when you listen to something like the hearbeats in Dark Side of the Moon.
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here's my take on theremin: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=50422.0

I like that. The distance sensor is a cool idea.

I was pondering a steel string on dowel, or maybe even getting fancy with a narrow fretboard, and somehow sensing the position of a finger on the string. With frets, maybe resistors tying the frets to an analog pin? I suppose with the right sort of wire, one could read the resistance of the wire directly, using anything conductive as a slide.

OK, this is cool. I had the idea in my head already that a theremin functioned using capacitance. A bit more reading, and I'm finding various beat frequency oscillator circuits, and this theremin on an Arduino.
... it is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday
facilitate a police state. -- Bruce Schneier

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