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been listening to paul kalkbrenners "berlin calling" most of the last couple of days

glad you like my theremin, jed :-) ... sort of wish I would have played with it more before disassembling it for other projects...


Had a quick listen to 'Berlin Calling' its nice enough and all that, but after listening to too much free jazz, its hard to listen to anything that keeps the same theme for more than a minute.

This is the Brotzmann Tentet keeping it together as much as they can - same theme throughout but a lot of mentalism on the horns to keep it interesting -


And this is the real Brotzmann - six months ago I would have said this was $**! but after six months of step by step moving towards listening that is less predictable I ended up at this and love it -


I think that this is the end of the journey though, nothing else I have found captures the 'free' idea or the execution as perfectly as 'machine gun'

Have a listen, you might hate it, but then you might come back in 10 years time and love it.

Duane B


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after listening to too much free jazz, its hard to listen to anything that keeps the same theme for more than a minute.



The first track you posted is fun (edit: I am now actually giving it a second listen I really like it.)- the second one is just too far out for me. I can appreciate it on an intellectual level, but not in any way which did anything positive to my mood.

Have you ever listened to the Lost Highway soundtrack? It has a fun mix of genres - starts out with some David Bowie, and then some industrial NIN stuff before throwing alternately free jazz and very straight jazz at you. With intermezzos by Rammstein and Marilyn Manson. Its actually one of my favorite music compilations.


On that note. Has anyone here ever heard of Humppa Metal?


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listening to this:
made me think of this thread. (and yes, DuaneB - it does slightly escalate. Not full blown Brotzmann style, but still fun.)

a friend of mine recently uploaded a video to one of his songs:

personally - I think its pretty awesome

anyway. currently listening to sciguys track, which isnt half bad :-) ... love the fact, that its coming from an arduino

lets keep this thread alive.

edit: sabotage is quite the trip. just finished listening to it and it is intense and enjoyable. love the industrial noisiness of it.


The Audio post lives !


I added a few Audio posts to the RC Arduino blog recently - heres one with a few peoples variations on the Auduino synth -


And here is my current obsession, the Illutron B - I was messing around with polyphonic tones yesterday with long sustain, its very good, will add a new clip soon -


Going to have a listen to your clips now.

Duane B.

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