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Hi, I got two servos a little while back and decided to have a play with them today, and I've had no end of troubles. I've been using the "Knob" example sketch, and it broke one of my servos. It seems like my servos only rotate 90 degrees, which is fine but the odd thing is that they only react to values 30 to around 230, if I go below 25 it strains the servo (this is what broke my first, it started out at 0, I got a horrible whir and the shaft was broken). Is this normal? Seems odd to me.

Here's the model of the servo that I got:


As noted by your supplier, these are sourced from Sparkfun.
Not a lot of positive posts

One guy provided this...
Here is what I found out with this servo.
Wiring -
Red: 5V
Brown: ground
Yellow: signal

Timing: Stable values
Right at 0.50mS (about 85 degrees)
Left at 2.0mS (about -85 degrees)
Center at 1.25ms (about 0 degrees)

While someone else...
Here is what I got with Center 1.58ms Left max 780us Right max 2.38ms
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Confirmed for cheap crap then, ahh well it was a gamble with them anyway - saw them and grabbed them without really doing any reading - lesson learned. By any chance do you know of any decent small servos that have 180 degree rotation? Preferably cheap-ish? I plan to build a hexapod so I'll need a lot.


Never mind, I've done some research and found exactly what I was looking for. Google and lots of reading to the rescue.

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