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I want to use a vga cable for my project, but I need all 15 pins.  the two cables I have lying around have random pins connected to one another.  I assume they are all the ground pins, but very annoying.  Any idea where I can get a DE-15 cable M-M with 15 actual conductors inside?  Are higher quality cables using 15 individual conductors?  I do NOT want to wire  two sets of CAT5E cables to some 15 pin connectors.  its a PITA to solder, NEVER AGAIN!!!


Probably going to have to make them. Try the crimp style connectors and get a decent crimping tool. They cost a little more but are much easier to build and there is even an extraction tool so you can rewire the connectors if needed.

A VGA cable is a special purpose cable and will be wired to function for VGA. Other uses are not supported/guarranteed.  Sorry...


For ease of use an insulation-displacement connector can't be beat - except that D-series connectors don't have a 0.1" pitch quite - perhaps someone somewhere makes IDC's for them.  Individually soldering D-series connectors is time-consuming, especially the 3-row versions.
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yeah, a vga connecter is a high density dsub, so my crimp connecters don't fit, which is a pita cause I can't prototype by just wedging male wires into a female socket.  I'm sure I can order them, but i have yet to see crimp style vga connectors.

also VGA cables should be straight thro, but the cheap ones skimp and tie all the returns together.  going to a quality electronics supply house I was able to find VGA cables with a seperate return for each color, but they are "keyed" and missing pin 9, so now I have a 14 conducter cable. 

I dont want to make my own cables, one more place for problems with 60 crimps/solder joints per wire connection, no thank you easter egg hunt.  parallel cables just look, well, dated.


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your not going to find a vga cable with 15 lines though, (ok maybe one from 1989, if your dead lucky) at least a third of it is ground, ideally in twisted pairs, which is partly why so many, partly cause they wanted to distinguish it from the 5 or 6 other computer video  "standards" using DE9's

25 pin serial/parallel connectors look tempting now don't they?

maybe you can run it all though a SCSI cable, they typically have all the lines ... (64 pin) centronics connectors alaways look boss, and its hard to argue with someone when they are holding a quarter inch thick cable


thank you for calling it a DE9.   I found 14 cables easily enough. I have very fond memory of centronic connectors with those flip up side tabs for locking them in place.  they just felt so official and fancy to my young self hooking up printers and such.  I may head that way.


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how long do you need it to be?

if your in the US I have a old 64 pin SCSI II cable thats about 6 foot long, has 2 male mini 64 pin mini centronics connectors, and I wouldnt mind giving up for the price of postage...

I have no idea of what its internal wiring is, but it should be direct pin to pin as all the addressing and whatnot happens on the device, and the cable is a quarter inch thick, that being said with that many connections running though it its going to be really thin wire, signals only no current unless you gang up.

I gave up all my scsi II stuff (and why would I need a cd rom, or bank of hard disk's 6 foot away anyway?) and have no use for it (all my mac's are SCSI I and need special cables), its been in the trunk of my car for like 6 years ... little dirty but should clean up ok enough

edit: seems like I misread, I thought you needed 60 conductors, you said 60 connections if you were making your own, so (15*2 ends) this might be overkill, but offer stands

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