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Hey Guys,

I took out my arduino chip from my board and followed the instructions to put it on a breadboard here: http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/uploads/arduinobb_09.jpg
Everything works fine but when I plug in an XBee, the code doesnt work the way it should.

The code i was using was a simple two statements in the setup() function starting the Serial port (Serial.begin(9600);) and printing a line (Serial.println("Hello World");). The problem is that it repeatedly sends this message over the xbee and i can see it from the receiver xbee that it rapidly sends "Hello World" over and over. Also, if  I check the voltage supplied by the voltage regulator, it is only 3.7 volts rather than 5 volts.

Why is this happening?



There's no XBee in the picture, so I have no idea how to answer your question.  Do you have a schematic showing how you've connected everything including the XBee?  How are you handling the XBee's 3.3V supply?


How are you powering the circuit?  My first guess is that it sounds like the voltage is drooping when the XBee transmits, causing the processor to reset.

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